Dappled Shade Garden
Netted Chain Fern
Tasmanian Flax Lily
Mayten Tree
Valley Oak, White Oak, Roble
Netted Chain Fern

Common name:Netted Chain Fern
Botanical name:Woodwardia areolata

The Netted Chain Fern is a small fern that grows 2'-3' tall. It can tolerate full sun but does best in some shade. This fern is native to California and is drought tolerant.

Tasmanian Flax Lily

Common name:Tasmanian Flax Lily
Botanical name:Dianella tasmanica

A grass-like plant with rather broad folaige to 30" tall , the Dianella tasmanica exhibits spikes of light blue flowers and dark, metallic blue berries in summer and fall. The plant should receive sun to part shade, with little or no summer watering when established. This is an excellent choice for very dry shade gardens. Its leaves can be used as an accompaniment for cut flowers.

Mayten Tree

Common name:Mayten Tree
Botanical name:Maytenus boaria

The Mayten Tree is a slow growing tree that grows to 40' tall. It has weeping branches and dark green leaves. This tree can sucker in lawns and requires good drainage. It is drought tolerant.

Valley Oak, White Oak, Roble

Common name:Valley Oak, White Oak, Roble
Botanical name:Quercus lobata

The Valley Oak is a large deciduous tree that grows 60'-80' tall. It develops a rounded canopy that spreads 50'-70' wide with leaves deeply lobed and rounded. The Valley Oak is very heat tolerant and drought tolerant. It is a native to California and attracts butterflies.

Permeable Surfaces

If you have impermeable paving that you would like to make permeable, there are two main methods for doing so:
1. Break up hard paved surfaces to create spaces for water to seep through.
2. Remove and replace the surfaces with permeable paving.

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Dappled Shade Garden

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Soils and Compost:

Practice grass-cycling by leaving short grass clippings on lawns after mowing, so that nutrients and organic matter are returned to the soil.

Integrated Pest Management:

Remove irrigation water and fertilizer from areas where you don't want weeds to grow.